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Other Stringed Instruments

We stock a fine collection of the most popular stringed instruments. Tenor and five or six string Banjos, Mandolins in many different styles, some with pick up. Violins from 1/16 size to 4/4. Dobros, Ukuleles, Autoharps, Dulcimers, Sitars, Bajo Sextos, Cuatros, Cellos and upright Basses available too. Lots of makes and models for you to choose from. Beginner to intermediate and beyond. There is something for everyone at TMC.
Of course we stock all the supplies for the instuments we carry. Strings, bridges, capos, pegs, rosin, bows, humidifiers, slides, tuners, chin rests, shoulder rests, stands, mutes, tailpieces etc. Many of these instruments come with case, or we can get one for you. We also carry instructional method books, videos, cd or dvd, printed music for most anything.
If your wanting to try your hand at a second instrument, or just something uniquely different, we have a great variety to choose from. We set up all of our stringed instruments in store, so all you have to do is play. Call, visit or email for more information.
Please call, or email us of our latest competitive pricing.

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